Husky - Pit Bull Terrier - Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrainedPrefers No Cats

Ash – who has a gorgeous seal colored coat) will *officially* be available for adoption soon!!! Help me find her the right family. I have been fostering her since September 2018 when she was urgent at an animal control facility in Illinois and NorthStar WI Dog Rescue & Advocacy stepped up to save her life. She would be the perfect best friend for an active person/couple.

She needs someone with experience since she is a typical “pitsky”€. She has husky energy/goofiness but is wary around strangers (especially strange men). We have been working on her confidence issues, but we still have a ways to go so she can live her best life. Someone trained her how to use pee pads in one of her former homes, so that can be a good or bad thing for some people ?.

She has not been fond of other female dogs, but loves large breed males as long as she feels confident around them. Her vocal husky personality can be mistaken for aggression, so any potential canine companions must be confident with other dogs. She CANNOT be around small animals due to her prey drive (she failed my cat test immediately). Cats: ?

She would be an amazing companion for an active family with a fenced yard.

Canine companions: playful/tolerant males only ?. She has husky and herding traits and can be a pest when she wants to play. So far her favorite breeds are huskies, bully breeds, and mixes of both (like her) ?.

Ash LOVES to play with male dogs and prefers human females and kids over men until she knows them.

She was surrendered to Winnebago County Animal Services due to landlord restrictions last summer and is about 2 years old. She lived with a couple and their 2 younger kids and a male lab. NO CATS.

She should have a fenced in yard so she can run and play as she’s not a good candidate for dog-parks.  In her previously life, she was pee-pad trained and will use those if available.  She’s not good at giving any signal to go outside, so a regular schedule will be helpful to prevent any accidents.

Humans: she came from a home with a couple, young kids and a male dog. She’s been friendly in public when we have been approached by women and kids. Strange men scare her, so she is reactive around them, but can be easily redirected with positive reinforcement. She loves men once she gets to know them. This makes her an amazing alert dog since she’s pretty intimidating when she feels like we’re being threatened?

Lifestyle: she loves to play fetch, would be an incredible hiking/adventure companion, loves to cuddle, and is fine in a kennel when I’m gone for a few hours. It took her a few months to be calm in a kennel because of separation anxiety. She needs a family who can spoil her and exercise her enough so she will be tired enough to sleep while they’re away. She sleeps on a human bed in her own bedroom at night and is extremely well-behaved. She is absolutely miserable if she’s in a fenced yard alone for even 5 mins. She always wants to be with her human(s).

Ash is medically vetted, up to date on vaccinations, HW-negative. P.S. She is about 3 years old and a medium-sized dog (around 45lbs)

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Please Note:

This dog is available for adoption through NorthStar WI Dog Rescue & Advocacy. We do not have a shelter. All of our dogs are located in foster homes mostly in the Madison, WI area. Visit our website – to learn more about our adoption process.

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