January 2017:  Griffin has been adopted!


December 19th Update: What a difference a few months has made in Griffin’s recovery from an emergency surgery to fix his leg. Today, this handsome young Malinois is fully recovered, walks and runs with the best of them. His foster mom says the following “He’s such a good, smart boy. Highly food motivated. Loves other dogs. Seems fine with cats. No reaction when one of mine smacked him. He just looked at me. Currently no ball drive but looks like that might be able to be built. Happy, bouncy dog. Recalls okay when I call him. Knows sit and shake. He’s a really nice dog. He will make someone a great active pet!

griffin1 griffin3

October 26 Update:  A little over a month since his emergency surgery, Griffin is doing great!  Here’s an update from his Foster Mom:  Griffin is doing really well! I’m pleased to say that he is off ALL meds. Rimadyl can inhibit healing so we wanted to get him off of that and he is successfully off that along with no more sedatives. He is no longer trying to break out. He puts himself in his xpen willingly. I have also just removed his cone the other day and so far is leaving his knee alone. He has dropped a little weight. We are working on that.


He is very social. Loves snuggles and rolling around outside. He is a MAJOR leaner, lol. We have started short walks and is doing well with that and is fairly respectful of the leash. As he heals a bit more I will work on it more.  All around he is a happy dog. We have our, hopefully, final follow up visit with Dr. Kwan in 2 weeks so fingers crossed he’s healed more by that point.
Here’s a video – look at him go!


Griffin’s Rescue story

September 2016: Griffin (formally known as TJ) was brought in as a stray to Chicago Animal Control Center with a badly broken leg after being hit by a car. The staff there splinted his leg and  with much help of the CACC volunteers got the word out for a rescue to please help this sweet and gentle young dog.  NorthStar soon learned of Griffin’s plight and we agreed to help.

Over the next few weeks, we will get him the surgery he needs to fix his compound fractured leg.  We are very thankful for Adria in Illinois who has volunteered to foster him during this recuperative phase of his rescue.

We are looking for a foster home in Wisconsin who will be willing to foster him for a few weeks after he has recovered and we find him his forever home.  If you are interested, please contact us at for more information.

If you would like to make a charitable donation to help with Griffin’s surgery, please use this link:

Donate to Griffin’s Medical Care


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