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These dogs found love and rescue through NorthStar and because of that little extra time, they were able to find their final homes with families who adore them! Rescuing dogs isn’t always easy but when we see the dog just light up when their meet their new family for the first time, we know we are doing the right thing! If you have a happy ending story – send it to!



Odie was adopted in May 2018!  He now has two brothers to call his own.


Odie is a spunky and fun 11 month old pup who is new to rescue.  Currently weighing in at 9lbs, this shih tzu/terrier is looking for his forever home.  He kennels very nicely, is housebroken and gets along fine with other like minded dogs as he likes to play a bit rough – so supervision and like-minded buddies are highly suggested.

He is super friendly, loves everyone he meets on his daily outings and also is very content to just snuggle.  He is neutered, vaccinated and HW-negative.

Odie’s freedom ride!

A note from his foster mom:

He is a fun little guy. Very confident and loves to meet people. he does well with other dogs, but is kinda of pushy at first so good introductions are needed. He currently lives with two other dogs, Buddy, a male 2yo pekineses/spitz and Elie, a 5 y/o female aussie. Over the past week, Odie has settled in well and loves to play with both dogs and humans. He loves stuffed toys, bones and playing tug of war (which is carefully watched) He kennels beautifully during the day when I go to work (though twice I’ve taken him to the office for the day, where he loves to go meet everyone. There were a few pee accidents during the first two day, but I chalk that up to marking as he had just been neutered last week at the shelter. He may only be 9lbs, but he has the heart of a much larger dog and loves to play with the big boys. He does great in cars, walks and being introduced to new scenarios. When he’s excited, he barks with glee, but is easily hushed with a “Leave it” command. I believe he is more on the Jack Russel terrier side than the listed Shih-Tzu in his nature and fearlessness.

Odie is a fun dog and I’m tickled to be his foster mom.

Odie hanging out at his foster mom’s office



Odie and his foster brother getting to know each other.




February 11, 2018 Update:  Nalu has been adopted!


Nalu (meaning ocean wave in Hawaiian) is a two-year Australian Shepherd mix. He loves other dogs and is good with cats. He knows some very basic obedience. He needs to go to a home with other young dogs as they help him with his separation anxiety.
He is a sweet boy that is house broken. He will not be placed with any young children as he can get snarky if pushed too far.
He would love a fenced in yard wherehe can romp and play with his canine siblings. He needs someone who is willing to work with his anxiety and can give him a fair amount of physical and mental exercise. He has moderate ball and food drive.
Nalu is neutered, UTD on vaccinations and HW-negative.  Apply on-line for him!



Zeke was rehomed in March 2018.

My name is Zeke and I’m now going on 2 years old.  I was rescued from a sad situation but the good folks at Safe Humane Chicago who work with the court system, took me in, and helped me get rescued by NorthStar.

I’ve spent the last month with the good trainers Country View Vet Clinic with board and train program.  I’m happy to report that I’ve progress very well and am confident in my obedience.  I’ve learned all the good ones too – like sit, stay, come, lay down and touch. I love playing fetch but sometimes I just want to chew on the ball when I get back so it’s smart if you always carry a spare to distract me with it. I learned how to go potty outside pretty quickly too! I’m a quick learner and I would be happy to learn more!

I’ve been around children as young as 5 years old with no concerns. Unless the children are playing directly with me, I don’t pay much attention.  I get along with other dogs, but right now we think I would do best as an only dog with lots of visits with other dogs to keep up my social skills.   I find kitties extremely interesting and would like to chase them most of the day so a home with them would be best for the kitties.

I’ve has been crate trained for short periods of time. And I do better with a blanket over the crate to reduce stress and absolutely needs a chew toy.  But I really do prefer to spend time in a dog room, rather than a crate as it allows for more freedom to move around while my family is away.

I’m neutered, HW-negative and UTD on vaccinations!  Also, as a Safe Humane alum, I come with free behavioral training for life!




Freddie was adopted in January 2018~


Freddie is a joyful little fella, He is said to be possibly between the ages of 6 and 8. Freddie came into North Star as a stray but he seems to fit perfectly in a home setting.

Freddie loves his food and becomes quite excited when he knows it’s time to eat. He is also food motivated so training is an ease with this guy. Freddie is a fast learner and knows sit, kennel and is
working on wait. He came already house/potty trained. Freddie loves walks, car rides and cuddling, but if you don’t want him on the furniture he will get down if you ask him to. He is very content in his kennel but would prefer to be next to you if given the opportunity. He is a very low energy in the house and is not a barker.


He does well around other animals, but does like to chase the cats if they are outside and will bark at them. He does well with both men and women though he is a bit timid at first. We don’t have any children in the house but I suspect he would have no problem, this little man is such a joy to have around.

He’s UTD on shots, dewormed, heartworm tested, and will be microchipped.   Apply for him on our website.



UPDATE:  Rose found her fur-ever family in November 2017!


Rose is a one year old female husky mix and new to rescue.

She is adorable according to her foster mom.  She is extremely smart and knows how to break out of her crate and open latches on fences.  She will need a very sturdy crate or someone who is home during the day.  She would rather be with her people than in her crate.  Rose adores children.  She gets along with the resident cat and dog quite nicely.  She knows sit and can catch a ball.

We think a home with Husky experience would be a good one as Rose really can benefit from having a “job” or focus to keep her happy.

Mom is working on lay down and her table manners and working on her house training which is coming along.  She is learning what is good behavior and what is bad behavior and is learning to take a time out when needed.  As with most dogs Rose will need to have slow introductions with other animals.  Mom recommends a fenced yard. She is fine with a 5-6 foot fence, anything lower and she may jump.

Rose is vetted and UTD on vaccines. She is a typical puppy that needs structure and rules.  She is a sweetheart and a fast learner.  Apply for Rose on our website.



Update:  Goose was adopted by his foster family in October 2017.

Goose has been with our family for a little over 3 weeks now and is doing exceptionally well. I must say, he is one of the sweetest, kindest dogs I have met. He is between 3 and 5 years old, he knows Sit, Stay, Down, he is not much of a toy dog but I think it is only because he may not have had a lot and he does have a favorite one here that he chews on once in awhile.

Goose is wearing the blue collar

He gets along well with other dogs, children and everyone he meets. He loves car rides and going for walks and seeing new sights. He does get a little nervous when joggers come at us but does just stand there. He also had not seen bicycles on trails and he does pretty good but I am riding my bike with him next to it on a leash to get him used to bikes.

He is not a dog that begs for food. He loves to lay on the couch by you and sleep. I also give him baths and he just stands there. He just loves being with someone! 

Goose DOES NOT like cats and other small animals like chickens. Unfortunately, his foster-to-adopt home have both. 😔 He has a prey instinct like a lot of dogs, that is in him and it is no fault to him at all. Most dogs don’t like cats.

Since I have gotten him, he has put on some weight and is looking very good. The only thing that we are working on is he does not like to walk in his crate on his own but we are working on that. The last three times now he has gone in. Usually, if you just turn him around and back him in his crate he goes in and doesn’t mind at all. He doesn’t even mind if you pick him up and put him in. You can’t blame him because after being in his crate for 3 months who would want to go back in it.

He is also not an aggressive dog. The BEST home for him though would be one with NO SMALL ANIMALS! k. Goose is a great dog and if I didn’t have 4 cats in the house and small animals outside, he would be staying! I am really going to miss this guy! 💔 😢

Goose is neutered, UTD on vaccinations, HW-negative and Microchipped.  Fill out an application for him now!


Cedar is a female GSD, probably closer to 10 years old who came to Northstar from a shelter where she was surrendered because her former owner was moving and could not afford to move and provide needed medical care for her. She gets along great with her foster brother, and other dogs with proper introduction. She hasn’t been tested with cats, but her previous owner reported she was afraid of them.
Cedar came to NorthStar with several medical issues that we’ve been working to clear up.  She arrived with a severe ear infection in both ears, which has been cleared up.   She is on medication for a skin infection that is clearing up.  The most immediate concern we had upon her arrive was an active anal fistula which now nearly healed with medication and an on-going good diet.     Like many seniors, she’s got a bit of arthritis in her legs and can be a bit wobbly in her hind end after exercising.

With all that said, she’s a very laid back lady who loves nothing more than lounging around the house, being with her people. She loves playing ball, especially with kids! Shes usually good for a couple rounds of fetch, but then needs a break from the action.

Her previous owners did not crate Cedar, and quiet frankly, there’s no need to, as she minds her own business when she’s left alone in the house. She rides nicely in the car, and likes sticking her head out the window to catch the breeze. Cedar goes up and down stairs well, but becomes unsteady with her back legs if she goes down the stairs too fast, thus we would recommend carpeted stairs.

Cedar is UTD on vaccinations, HW-negative and Microchipped.  Fill out an application for her now!



Update: Hugo was adopted by his foster family in October 2017!


Hugo is a sweet two-year-old male German Shepherd mix  He has one ear that consistently stays up and one ear that flops over giving him a slightly perplexed appearance. All he wants to do is be loved.

After spending some time roaming the streets of Indiana, Hugo is a little weak on his manners. He has learned sit, paw, and stay back. He is working on down and telling humans when he has to go potty. The longest he can go without being taken outside is six hours. He pulls on his leash and will need someone who is willing to take him to obedience school and work with him consistently. He will also need someone who has confidence around dogs with a strong personality, as he likes to try to intimidate his pack. Once put in his place, Hugo is happy to be part of the pack and follow his human leaders.

Hugo’s whole goal is to please, and he really wants to like humans. He is slightly timid about hands – from reaching for his collar to put on his leash to having a history of growling at hands that reach for his bowl.  Therefore a home with children under 5 might not be the right place for him.  Right now, his training includes members of the family (including children over 5) taking turn feeding him by hand so that he learns that all hands are good hands. But that aside, he is curious about people who come to visit and is willing to allow anyone who is within arms reach to pet him.

He would do really well in a house with other dogs that would be willing to play with him.  He also needs to be brushed on a daily basis, but this is not a problem because he loves it, and he will even sit on your lap in order to make it easier for you.

Hugo is an amazing dog who is looking for his forever family. Once he finds them, he will be a great pack member.   Hugo is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and ready for adoption with the right family!

Fill out an application for him now!



Squirt was adopted in July 2017.


Meet Squirt, a fun and easy going kind a guy!  he’s a 2.5 year old mixed Lab/Rott/mix as far as we can tell.

He’s in love with hot dogs and doesn’t care for many other treats than that (if you have hot dogs he will do anything for them).  He adores his new foster family which includes adults and kids  and will jump up for a hug, lay down next to the kids or just kiss you forever if you let him .  He’s also great with strangers that come by  or just drop in to keep him knowing that all people are cool.

squirt4He’s good with other dogs but probably best with easy going dogs, he likes to play chase and then just hangs out when off leash with other dogs.

According to his foster home he’s a lover of all but the kitties.  Those he would like to chase and chase until he catches them. So a home with no kitty temptation would be best.

Squirt is really well behaved, knows sit, down, paw and would make a great companion dog.  He also comes with a life-long training support should he or his new family need it.

He is neutered, HW neg, and up to date on vaccinations.    Apply for him today!  






UPDATE:  Bear was adopted in the Spring of 2017

Hi there, my name is Bear!  I am a 6 month old Husky/Shepherd mix. I have been with my foster family since April 1st and they have learned a whole lot about me! First, I am one of the cutest dogs EVER!!! My foster mom can’t take me anywhere without people commenting on my good looks! As nice as that is, even more important, I have a wonderful personality. I am definitely a “people” dog.  I love my foster family; wherever they go, I want to go, too.  I am always by their side. While I do fine on my own, I definitely prefer not to be alone.

True to my Husky breed, I am full of energy!  I am looking for an active family who will put my energy to good use!  I do have some ideas:  I would make a fantastic running partner, I have always wanted to go hiking, and I find agility very intriguing!  I also love to go for car rides and I do very well in the car.  As much energy as I have, I also like to settle down and snuggle.  If you let me, I would love to sleep in bed with you!

I currently live with my foster parents, my three human sisters, one dog sister and one cat brother.  I get along well with all dogs (and love, love, love the dog park!) and would like to be friends with my cat brother, however, he is not fond of that idea, so I leave him alone (he can be kind-of scary). I do prefer to play with younger dogs, as my dog sister is 10 years old and does not appreciate the energy I have when it comes to playing. That said, I am very appropriate when I play, she is just an old grouch.

I am working on potty training, and will “go potty” outside when I’m told to do so, I just don’t seem to know how to let my foster family know when I need to go outside.  My foster mom says that is very common with rescue dogs.  I also have some resource guarding issues with food. We have been working on that and I am learning that I can relax around food and that it won’t be taken away from me.

I am hoping that one day soon I will have a family of my very own!  Please fill out an application for me, so we can meet each other as soon as possible!