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King found the ultimate furever home with his foster mom!  King will have a warm bed and full tummy for the rest of his life!


King is a new to rescue.  Hhe is 12 years old white GSD-mix on the smaller side.  This sweet senior was surrendered by his owner at a animal control facility.    He’s playful and gets along well with his foster brother, Pel.  We’ll write a full bio once we get to know him better. know him better.




tan1Tanner is a one year old GSD-mix who was returned to a shelter for lack of funds to neuter him.  He is a very high energy dog who needs a lot of exercise or activity in his life.  At 45 lbs he is the perfect size to take everywhere.


Tanner loves people and greets everyone friendly and with a wagging tail.  He is extremely playful and loves to play fetch and be played with. He is very gentle and is good with kids of any age.  A fenced yard or play area so Tanner can run would be best to manage his energy, or regular trips to the dog park.

Tanner is extremely sociable with dogs and can get along with any kind of dog.  A young playful dog would be good partner for Tanner to help burn off his energy.

tan4He is a great little dog who listens well, and is super smart, but his attention span is short.  He needs someone willing to work with him.  He would excel in searching or agility.   Tanner will be current on shots, neutered and microchipped prior to adoption.




Dorie was adopted in December 2013.


Dorie is a young German Shepherd looking for a home that will appreciate her sweet disposition.  At about 2 years old and 55 lbs, she loves people and car rides.

She is very gentle, friendly dog and always greets people with a tail wag.  She loves attention and to snuggle with her favorite person.  She is a calm dog who walks pretty good on leash, and likes to go for walks.

dorie2Dorie does not require a great deal of exercise and likes to be in the house.  She would make a great companion for someone wanting a loyal dog by their side.

She gets along well with submissive male dogs, but she likes to be the alpha dog, so other females or alpha males would not be a good match for her.  She would probably be fine with a dog savvy cat.

Dorie is doing very good with her house training, but she will require continued reinforcement for a while.  She has free reign in her foster home for a couple hours at a time, and overnight.  She is spayed, microchipped and current on shots.



Prior to rescue, Dorie was not house trained so she is learning that in foster and doing very well. She will require continuing reinforcement and be crated when left alone.

Dorie is current on shots, spayed, and microchipped.    If you are looking for a very sweet loyal companion who is happy to just be with you, then Dorie is a great candidate!




Bane was adopted in October 2013.

Original Bio:


Bane is a 10 month old male German Shepherd.  He is in need of a home that has a time to spend with him and provide regular exercise.


Exceptionally sweet and affectionate, Bane loves to be near his people at all times.  He is a very happy boy whose tail never stops wagging.  He has not met a person or another dog that he does not like.  His exuberance causes him to run into people, so small children would not be a good fit.

Bane loves to play fetch or play with his foster brothers.  He is learning to walk better in leash, but does ok.  He will play rough with cats so he should not be in a home with cats.  Bane loves to go for car rides or anything else involving spending time with his people.


He has free reign at his foster home and has been very good.  Bane responds well to positive reinforcement and is eager to please.  He would benefit from a consistent routine, and someone who has patience with a young, energetic dog.

Bane will be neutered, microchipped, and current on shots prior to adoption.





Morgan was adopted in August 2013.  Here’s a photo of her new family:


Morgan’s original bio:

Morgan is a one year old German Shepherd mix, most likely with Border Collie.  She has the best qualities of both breeds; extremely smart and willing to please, all in a nice small package at 45 lbs.

Morgan was picked up as a stray,  before coming to rescue.  She is a very sweet dog and loves to be with people, and will always be at their side.  She is a very gentle dog, but is a little mouthy yet.  She was most likely an outside dog so she is learning house manners in her foster home.  She would benefit from basic obedience classes.morgan3

Morgan lives with 3 GSDs in her foster home and does well with all of them.  She is extremely playful but does get quite rough sometimes, so large, tolerant dogs make the best playmates for her.  She likes to chase the other dogs but doesn’t seem to have high prey drive, so a dog savvy cat may be ok.


Morgan likes to go for walks and is perfect on leash -she never pulls at all.  She is a very easy to handle dog, loves to be brushed and handled, and is calm and quiet for nail trimming. She will guard her food from other dogs sometimes, but this is disappearing as she realizes she doesn’t need to.


Morgan is spayed, up to date on shots, and is microchipped.  She is house trained and has free reign in the house – she does not like being crated.  She is ready to have her own special family to show them how great she is.

Videos of Morgan:

Playing with her foster brother:

And another:



Here is a picture of Abby in her new home with Reggie, her best little friend, for the “I’m home” page.Abby_he1

Abby’s Original Bio:

Abby is a two year old pure bred Belgian Malinois.  She has been a much loved, and well trained dog in her original home, and through no fault of her own, now finds herself needing a new loving home.  She is a very sweet affectionate and attentive dog.  She likes to bury her head in her favorite persons arms and just be held.  Abby is extremely smart and knows lots of tricks, and will do whatever you ask.

Typical of the Malinois breed, Abby is very high energy.  She needs a lot of exercise, but also needs someone to play with and interact with.  She will always have a ball or frisbee at your feet or on your lap waiting for you to throw it.   She is learning to run alongside a bicycle and makes a great riding partner.

Abby is dog friendly but cats are unknown.  She is crate trained, but in her foster home has never been in one as she can be trusted in the house.

She is best suited for an adult household as Abby barks at strangers and new situations.   She knows “heel” but pulls on the leash until she settles down.  She is usually walked off-leash on a hiking trail.

Abby is current on shots and microchipped.  Ready for someone who wants a fun dog to be part of their life.