Husky - Adult - Female
Adoptable Large Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrainedPrefers No Cats

Hi I’m Ash, a three year old female husky/bully mix who weighs about 45lbs. Typical of my breeds, I can be both energetic and darling sweet with my humans!
In my previous life, before I was surrendered to a local shelter due to landlord restrictions, I was raised and lived with my family which included two kids and my big dog brother. Those where happy times. I sure would love a chance to experience that again.

Here are my Top 10 Qualities:

1. I’m a laid-back, easy girl with my humans
2. Women and kids make me feel warm and fuzzy (It takes a little longer with
3. I love to go for long walks and runs with my people
4. I also love a good chase and to play fetch!
5. I’m healthy, fully-vetted and medically up to date
6. I bond closely with my humans
7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Big male dogs with Husky and bully lines as playmates
8. I have the most gorgeous seal-colored coat and Husky ears!
9. I have potty pad training down like a pro while finishing up my
10. I adore a good adventure!

My Top 6 Requirements for a new family:

1. A Fenced yard: I love nothing more than to chase anything in my path.
2. An active family who will take me on daily walks and runs. Exercise keeps
me happy!
3. Have previous husky/bully experience will really help as I’m a typical
“pitsky” – meaning I have husky energy/goofiness as well as being wary
around strangers (especially unknown men).
4. A commitment to spend time with me as I like to be with my pack versus left
5. A home with No Small Animals as my prey drive is kinda high!
6. A large male dog companion would be wonderful!

P.S. Sometimes, with my husky and herding traits I can come across as a bit pushy with less tolerant dogs when all I want to do is have some FUN and to PLAY!!!! My favorite kind of male dogs are huskies, bully breeds, and mixes of both (like me!). My foster mom doesn’t think I’m a good candidate for dog parks as there is too much stimuli and my vocal husky personality can be mistaken for aggression which can cause trouble. Also, please consider signing me up for a local obedience class or club so I can continue to work on my socialization skills and we can bond over training!

Please Note:

This dog is available for adoption through NorthStar WI Dog Rescue & Advocacy. We do not have a shelter. All of our dogs are located in foster homes mostly in the Madison, WI area. Visit our website – to learn more about our adoption process.

NorthStar WI is a 501c(3) non-profit charity and follows the guidelines of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture’s Companion Animals division. Our state license number is 287061-DS.