German Shepherd Dog - Young - Male
Adoptable Medium Up-to-date with routine shotshousetrained

Finley is approximately a one-year-old male Shepherd mix in a pint-size 30lb body.

He’s a definitely a keeper, but her foster home already have two dogs (who Finely gets along well) and they feel Finley would do best with a family of his own (and maybe a canine sibling….)

Finely loves walks & once comfortable in his surroundings settles in well. . He is not food or treat aggressive (he’s the last one to have his food bowl filled & waits w/o going after the other the full bowls – bowl can be removed while eating without issue),

He shares & plays well with the other dogs. Finley will become assertive (barking, hair raised, nipping) if someone unknown knocks then walks into the house but quickly corrects when instructed (even when the other 2 dogs continue to bark).

Finley is allowed outside off leash & has shown no interest in chasing bikers, walkers/joggers or gone after other dogs being walked by the house. Being young he doesn’t always listen to direction (will leave the back yard & go up to the front door to be let in while calling him back), when excited will jump up – but that behavior can be redirected easily.

Due to his young age and activity, he should NOT go to a home with small children. Kids over 12 would be okay.

He is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and is Heartworm negative.

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