German Shepherd Dog - Senior - Male
Adoptable Large

Quincy’s story is a bit unique and I’m sure he doesn’t mind me sharing. You see, he comes to NorthStarWI as a beloved companion to a wonderful dog rescuer who passed away a few weeks ago. She asked that NorthStar help Quincy find one more family to give all his love in his golden years.

Like many senior shepherds, Quincy has some stiffness in his joints, his teeth are worn down, he likes to doze throughout the day and he’s not as fast at chasing the squirrels as he used to be. But he has perfected the skill of being right next to your side, always offering himself as a comfort and joy to be around.

Quincy is a long-coated shepherd so he needs regular grooming to maintain his coat and to prevent matting. He doesn’t mind the daily brush through his hair, especially if you give him a good rub around the neck and a little treat.

His recent vet visit included a senior blood panel. He’s in great shape for a senior and there are no liver or kidney issues. We have him on a daily dose of Carprofen and Gabapentin to reduce inflammation in his joints and any pain he may be experiencing. He will benefit from this combo for the foreseeable future. Quincy is looking for someone who he can spend the majority of the day with. He gets lonesome if alone. He does well with dogs and greets every human with a smile. Small children should pose no issues for Quincy as long as they are respectful of him.

He is completely vetted, up-to-date on vaccinations, neutered, house-trained and ready to meet his next family.   Apply now with our online application