Willie and Zoe


12/16/19: COURTESTY POSTING.  We are hoping someone will adopt both dogs as they have been together for over 5 years and are very close.  Both dogs are fixed, up to date on vaccinations, and healthy. Probably be best to be the only dogs. As they are both terrier mixes, we are assuming they will chase any kitties.  

WIllie is a male 11 year old, under 15 pounds, fixed Yorkie.Chihuahua. He likes to bark when he sees new people and has nipped a bit if people are acting aggressive or nervous toward him Once he gets to know you, he is a playful dog that loves to chase his kong and play fetch. He loves to be scratched behind the ears and is fun. He is pad trained but he has had accidents. He looks like a new puppy when he gets a haircut. He is a very healthy dog
Zoe is a terrier mix. We rescued her 5 years ago. She is a snuggler but like Willie likes to bark at other dogs. She is fixed and pad trained. She gets nervous at loud noises but loves kids and loves to sniff and meet new people. She too has nipped a little if she feels threatened, She s a very healthy dog.
The nipping probably comes when the dogs are in an excited state and do not know how to alleviate the issue.  We’d suggest not allowing the dogs to get super excited in the first place.
The dog is currently with an owner but his housing ends on Dec 21, so let’s work that Christmas Miracle and get these pups a new home.   Contact Joel at joel.chrisler@gmail.com to arrange a meeting with the dogs and to discuss adoption. There will be a $50 donation requested at the adoption.