Adopting & Rehoming

NorthStar WI Dog Rescue & Advocacy works with community members who need to rehome their pets.  If you’ve been directed to this website, please read the following:

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Rehoming Process

Life happens and sometimes a family needs to rehome their pet.  NorthStar WI Dog Rescue stands ready to help by offering a courtesy post to our social media sites.  Your pets stay with you until they are adopted.  Depending on the breed, age, and health issues, dogs are typically rehomed within a few weeks.

  1. Contact us (  And tell us about your situation. We might be able to offer other solutions! If rehoming is the best option, we’ll gather additional info about your pet.
  2. We’ll post to our social media
  3. We ask for applications on our website –
  4. We  review applications, check references, and forward the best apps to you for your review
  5. You review applications and choose someone to adopt your dogs
  6. You call that person to get to know them and offer additional information on the pet.
  7. You decide to have a meet and greet
  8. Like the new family?  Then give them the pet.  Send along any food, leashes, toys that will help in the transition.
We ask for a Rehoming donation to ensure the safety of your pets.   We can collect that donation here –

Adoption Process

Our small volunteer organization works with families needing to re-home their pets.  We offer our application and review expertise to ensure a smooth transition from the dog’s current home to a new adoptive one.  We stand ready to help throughout the adoption process if there are any questions!

  • Fill out our on-line application. (Sorry, we are not able to offer paper applications)
  • Your application is reviewed by our volunteers and we check vet and personal references
  • If we think it’s a good match, we’ll send your application to the family for their review.
  • They will contact you directly to answer any questions and provide additional information about the dog you are interested in.
  • If both you and the current family think this is a good match, an appointment can be made with the current family and you to meet the dog.  NorthStar highly recommends that the entire family and any current dogs be present for the “meet and greet.”
  • Often the dog is taken by the new owners the same day as the meet and greet – so be sure to bring a new collar and leash…..

Making a Donation